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Association Najdeh is registered in the 1978 with the Ministry of the Interior as a Lebanese non-governmental social organization with the headquarters in Beirut. Founded in 1976, it consists of a general Assembly that elects an Administrative Bureau, which in turn assigns the members of the Executive Board, on the basis of their specialized skills.  
Right to Return Campaign Right to Work Campaign read more  
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Structures of violence against women in peace and war An overview

Structures of violence against women in peace and war An overview click here

To be Continued

Fundamental Human Rights for Naher el Bared Campaign makes film "to be continued" Funded by Oxfam Quebec Click here for part 1 Click here for part 2

My Work: My Right... My Dignity

The Social Renaissance Association and The Plaestinian - Lebanese Coalition for the Campaign for the Right to work for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon, present My Work: My Right... My Dignity Click here for part 1 Click here for part 2

The will for Life & Return

The will for life & return film about Nahrelbared camp, Prepared & Directed by Mohammad Abdullah Ibrahim.

Bridging Memories

Association Najdeh Presents Raas El Ahmar Village

Right to Work Campaign

The right to work Coalition issued a statement clarifies its opinion towards the decisions of the parliamentary meeting and reactions: read more...

According to UNRWA figures, Lebanon hosts approximately 430,000 Palestinian refugees. The refugees live largely in squalid 12 camps and around 20 gatherings (unofficial camps) with inhuman conditions. They have been for a long time regarded as being the main trigger of civil violence in the mid-seventies.read more...

Right to Work Campaign's study:

Working Unprotected, Contributions of Palestinian Refugees, residing in Camps & Some Gatherings too the Lebanese Economy.

Annex 1 TechnicalAnnex, 2 StatisticalAnnex, 3 List of FDGs

Presenting the result of Palestinian refugee's contribution in the Lebanese economy. read more...

Emergencies Aid Program

Sunday 20/5/2007 Nahr El Bared camp incidents started to get serious towards aggravation to an opened battle that reached the security and the stability of our citizens at camps which pushed them to emigrate on Tuesday 22/5/2007. This emigration kept on aggravating and now it reached more tan 25000 persons. Most of them emigrated to Al Badawi camp and precisely to Onora schools that became full. Some of them went to centers of the associations that hosted them; Najda Association was one of those. And a good part stayed with families of Al Badawi camp and buildings near the camp.read more

The Forum of Palestinian women in Lebanon

The Forum of Palestinian Women in Lebanon is a space where associations and individuals committed to Women Rights meet to work towards Palestinian women's empowerment and to alleviate the triple discrimination challenging Palestinian Refugee Women in Lebanon: discrimination based on their gender, on their refugee status and on their statelessness .

It is a non-political, secular and democratic organization gathering members from the civil society sharing a strong belief in Women's Rights. Read more

CEDAW Committee

Implementing CEDAW for Palestinian Refugee Women in Lebanon "Breaking Through Layers of Discrimination" 1st Supplementary report submitted to CEDAW Committee Geneva 2008.

Our Programs
Psychosocial Program
Partner-Organizations/-Institutes: Association Najdeh (Najdeh) is a Lebanese NGO... Click here
Vocational Training (VT) Program
Najdeh runs 11 vocational training centers in all regions of Lebanon, offering... Click here
Popular Education & Tutorial Program
Najdeh's Popular Education and Tutorial program annually serves 600 students... Click here
Mother & Child Program
To work or study, women need to be assured that their children are safe... Click here
Social Affairs Program
The magnitude of socio-economic difficulties facing the Palestinian refugee... Click here
Domestic Violence Program
The objectives of Najdeh's Domestic Violence Program, which was initiated in 2000... Click here
Micro-credit Program
Najdeh's Micro-credit program promotes Palestinian women entrepreneurial... Click here
Embroidery Production
Al Badia embroidery was Najdeh's first project in 1078. Its purpose is to promote... Click here
Coordination & Networking
Najdeh actively coordinates with local NGOs on community activities... Click here
Advocacy & Women Rights
Najdeh regularly organizes advocacy meetings and lobbying campaigns... Click here

Association Najdeh has recently joined HAP international and became a member in August 2009, believing of HAP standards based on transparency and accountability. Association Najdeh will committed to HAP Standards in Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management.

Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International (HAP International) is working towards the promotion of " Humanitarian Accountability" and is dedicated to making humanitarian action accountable to its intended beneficiaries: those people whose lives are at risk due to armed conflict or other calamitous events.

ASSOCIATION NAJDEH member in Red Euro Arabe

The Red Euro-arabe de ONG para el Desarrollo ya la Integracion (READI) is a spanish non-profit making association that comprises 44 legally constituted NGOs from the north and south of the Mediterranean region, all of which specialize in providing assistance and human, social and community development. Its main purpose is to promote dialgue, cooperation and solidarity among Mediterranean countries.

Our goal is to contribute to the creation of a sphere of coexistence in the Mediterranean, through the participation of all spheres of civil society, the business sector and governments on both sides of the Mediterranean, by encouraging debates between cultures and showing that the human capabilities of organizations and communities reinforce the development of civil society throughout the region.

The READI seeks to create a sphere solidarity is strengthened and development and social commitment experiences are shared with a view to consolidating peace between cultures and combating violence and armed conflicts.